16 Hidden Places in Jaipur That You May Have Never Heard of Before

hidden places in jaipur

Hidden Places in Jaipur for Must-Visit 

If you are curious to know what places must be explored or hidden in Jaipur then this article is for you, we will explore all the Hidden Places in Jaipur. Jaipur also known as the Pink City of India has been covered by many royal grandeurs of Marwar in Rajasthan. Jaipur is a royal grandeur city that has many hidden secret temples and mysteries. Today we will unveil all the charms of the concealed wonders that make Jaipur a city of intrigue and allure. Get off the beaten path, and let’s unexplored the hidden gems of Jaipur.

hidden places in jaipur


Hidden Tourist Spots in Jaipur 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Jaipur, you can discover hidden gems that are on the verge of extinction. Even today, there are places in the Pink City Jaipur which are not famous for tourism and are away from the crowd. This article will tell you about all the best-hidden places in Jaipur which are unknown and hide away from the people.

Hidden Temples in Jaipur

Samodh Veer Hanuman Ji Temple

Samod Balaji is a Hindu temple located at Samod, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303806. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama’s devotee and is also known as Samod Veer Hanumanji Temple. The name Balaji refers to Hanuman, as his childhood form is celebrated in many parts of India. The temple invites you to discover its cultural and architectural beauty, offering a tranquil retreat from the city’s hustle.

Garh Ganesh Temple:

Garh Ganesh Temple is located in the hills near Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort of Jaipur and as a secret place in Jaipur it is one of the most famous temples, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the younger son of Lord Shiva. One belief about this temple is that this temple was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. This temple with its unique architecture provides a wonderful view of the city from the top of the hill.

Galta Temple (Monkey Temple)

Galta Temple also known as Monkey Temple is located in Jaipur and with not much tourist traffic, this unexplored place offers a serene mountain backdrop. The other formal name of this temple is Jagat Mandir. The temple is famous for its natural springs known as “Kunds” and some sources say that the temple was built by Diwan Rao in the 18th century. It is the best silent destination for those who want to explore unknown places in Jaipur to connect with the peace of nature and do some meditation activities in nature.

Chulgiri Jain Temple

Chulgiri Jain Temple located in Jaipur, Rajasthan is a special place for the devotees of Jainism. It is situated on the top of the Aravali Hills and at Chulgiri hill there are 11 temples and 19 more temples below. These temples were discovered by Acharya Shri Desh Bhushan ji in 1953. He was looking for a quiet place to meditate and chose this place for its peaceful atmosphere. This temple was named “Chulgiri” due to its location on the top of Chulgiri hills, which can be reached by climbing 1000 steps.

There are trekking routes leading to religious places in this area. The temple complex includes the shrine of Lord Rishabhdev, the first Jain Tirthankara.

Hidden Lakes in Jaipur 

Chandlai Lake

Let us unexplored another hidden place in Jaipur, located along the Kota-Jaipur Highway on Tonk Road, namely Chandlai Lake. The beautiful reservoir is famous for its attracting migratory birds in the winter season. In monsoon season the lake fills up with rainy water and looks amazing.

Man Sagar Lake

The men created an artificial lake called Man Sagar Lake which is the most attractive place in Jaipur. This lake was constructed in 1610 by Raja Man Singh and at that time this lake was named after the ruler of Amer. This lake was created by building a dam on the Dravyavati River.

Samber Lake 

The Sambhar Lake is located 60 km from Jaipur in the Sambhar district in Rajasthan, India. This lake is famous because it is the biggest salty lake in the country and produces a large amount of salt from here. The hidden gem in Jaipur shows the best scenic vista of the city. The Sambhar River float into the Sambhar Lake that’s the reason the lake is named Sambhar.

Amer Sagar

If you’re looking for an awesome adventure in Jaipur, you gotta check out Amer Sagar! This super old lake from the 17th century was like a lifeline for Amer and Jaigarh forts. It’s right between Kheri Gate and the Anokhi Museum, close to Amer Fort. The best time to go is during the rainy season because it’s so chill and the views are stunning!

Hidden Parks in Jaipur

Nahargarh Biological Park

Nahargarh Biological Park is a fantastic spot for wildlife enthusiasts in Jaipur. It’s the residence of impressive lions and tigers, and you can spot around 200 types of birds and a whopping 450 wildlife species here.

The park is located about the Jaipur-Delhi Highway and it is circulated over an area of ​​7.2 square km. Which is filled with forests, lakes, dams, and a variety of wildlife. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and those who enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat.

Bird Park

The Bird Park at Jaipur’s Waterworks Museum, part of the Dravyavati River project, is a new gem for global bird enthusiasts. With lush forests, it’s a serene spot ideal for wildlife photography, offering a unique escape near Jaipur.

City Park

City Park stands as a green oasis within Jaipur, providing a serene escape for locals and visitors alike. The expansive park offers lush landscapes, jogging trails, and recreational spaces, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely day amidst nature.

Hidden Resorts in Jaipur

Samodh Palace

Step into the grandeur of Samodh Palace, a regal abode that whispers tales of Rajasthan’s royal heritage. The palace’s architectural splendour and opulent interiors offer a glimpse into the bygone era, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts.

Chomu Palace Hotel

Experience luxury and regality at Chomu Palace Hotel, a heritage hotel that echoes the grandeur of Rajasthan’s royal past. Immerse yourself in the elegance of its architecture, indulge in royal hospitality, and create unforgettable memories in this opulent retreat.

Chokhi Dhani

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Rajasthan at Chokhi Dhani, an ethnic village resort. This living museum offers a taste of traditional Rajasthani hospitality, cultural performances, and delectable local cuisine, providing an immersive experience for visitors.

Kishan Bagh

Kishan Bagh, a hidden gem in Jaipur, is a serene garden that unfolds amid historical echoes. Stroll through well-manicured lawns, admire the Mughal architecture, and embrace the tranquillity that this lesser-known spot has to offer.

Samodh Bagh

Samode Bagh is a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel and country retreat nestled in the enchanting city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Situated on a sprawling 20-acre expanse of meticulously manicured Royal gardens, this exquisite establishment offers an unparalleled experience with its charming tented suites. Steeped in history, the property once served as an exclusive sanctuary for the esteemed Samode royal family.


In conclusion, Jaipur is a city full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From its charming bylanes to its serene gardens, countless hidden places in Jaipur offer a glimpse of the city’s rich history and culture. If you are planning a trip then here is a list of must-see hidden temples, lakes, parks and resorts in Jaipur and unexplored best places to visit in Jaipur.