Fountain Square Park Jaipur

fountain square park jaipur

The recently opened Fountain Square Water Park is in the headlines for a famous Instagram photography place in Jaipur. This park is opened in front of the renowned City Place Jaipur, which is also a great tourist spot in Jaipur. The Fountain Square Park is famous for its dramatic water waves and water screen fountain in colourful lighting.

In this post, you will get all information about the Fountain Square Park including ticket prices, show timings, parking, nearby places and much more.

About Fountain Square

Fountain Square Park is a charming place which is near City Park and is a great destination to enjoy the beautiful night views with the spectacular water waves dancing in the park. This park is not separate from the City Park, it is the second phase of the City Park project. This park costs around 40 crores which covers the 52-acre total area of this park.

Highlights of Fountain Square Park

Inauguration Date: 15 March 2024

Fountain Square Park Cost: 40 crores (approx)

Fountain Square Park opening and Closing Timings: 5:00 pm (evening) to 10:00 pm (night)

* Usually City Park is open from 6 AM to 9 PM but the Fountain Square Park gates open at 5 pm.

Fountain Square Park Jaipur Show timings: The musical fountain show begins at 6:00 pm.

Fountain Square Park Ticket Cost: 50 Rs per Person

Park Show Timings: 6:00 PM

Parking Charges at Park: 20 Rs for two-wheeler and 50 Rs for four-wheeler

Fountain Square Park Water and Light Show

The attraction of music and light shows in the fountains is the perfect harmony at Square Park. Where you can enjoy the musical light show every day at 6 pm.

Fountain Square Park Ticket Price

The entry fee for this park starts from 50 rupees per person.

Architecture Style of Park

Central Fountain:

The most prominent architectural element is likely the central fountain itself. Descriptions mention it has three tiers and a water jet reaching thirty feet, so it might have a monumental feel.

It’s built with Bharatpur’s Bansi Paharpur stone, which could be a type of sandstone. This suggests a focus on natural materials and a potential connection to the region’s building traditions.

Other Architectural Elements:

The park incorporates ten arches and four stone-carved Chhatris. Chhatris are typically pavilions with dome-like roofs, and their presence hints at an influence of old architecture, a style known for its arches, domes, and use of stone.

Overall, Fountain Square Park seems to blend elements and incorporate a modern design for the overall layout of the park, with nods to Mughal architectural traditions through the use of arches, chhatris, and natural stone.

Places to Visit near Fountain Square Park

  • City Park Jaipur
  • Landscape Park
  • Fun Kingdom
  • Patrika Gate
  • Jawahar Circle Garden
  • Toran Dwar
  • WTP (Word Trade Park)
  • Jaldhara Jaipur
  • Smriti Van

Nearby Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels List: Here are some best hotels near Fountain Square Park-

  1. FabHotel Grand Lotus: 5.2 km
  2. Hotel Keptown: 2 km
  3. Hotel Mansarovar Palace: 800.0 m
  4. Hotel Sapphire Inn Jaipur: Rooms & Banquet Halls – 3.3 km
  5. Hotel Yulia- Le Amour Inn: 5.2 km
  6. Sapphire World Hotel: 4.2 km

Restaurants List: Here are some restaurants nearby the park where you can enjoy food options-

  1. Chhabra’s Veg Restaurant
  2. Jaipur Junction Restaurant
  3. Jaipur Tadka (Cafe & Family Restaurant)
  4. Modern Thai & Restaurant

How to Reach

There is multiple options you can use to reach the park.

By Road: The Fountain Square park is easily accessible through road transport. The Main City Bus Stand Sindhi Camp is only 10 km away from the Fountain Square Park. You can also book a cab or taxi to arrive here.

By Air: By air, you can arrive at the Jaipur airport and can access the City Park within 17 min. The distance between Jaipur Airport to Fountain Square Park is 6.8km.

Train or Metro: You can get a metro from Jaipur railway station and arrive at the Mansarovar Metro Station. Because the distance between Mansarovar metro to Fountain Park is only 3.5 km.

Facilities Available at Fountain Square Park, Jaipur:

Here are the listed facilities available at Fountain Square Park, Jaipur:

Musical Fountain Show: The main attraction, with a water screen for video projections.

Amphitheatre: Seating area for enjoying the fountain show and potentially other events.

Parking: Paid parking is available for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Toilets: Public toilets are available within the park.

Food Court (under construction): While currently under construction, there may be food options available in the future.