Amber Fort Light and Sound Show Timings, Entry Fees

amber fort jaipur

Amber Fort is famous for its world-famous attraction Amber Light and Sound Show among tourists and locals. This fort is situated on the top of the hill in Devisinghpura. Alright, let me tell you about the Amber Fort. It’s been around since way back in 967 AD, thanks to Alan Sain, who was in charge of the Chanda dynasty of the Minas. He built the fort and set up the place we now call Amber. Over the years, other Rajput rulers kept sprucing up the fort. Fast forward to 1592, and Raja Man Singh from the Kachwaha dynasty, a big deal in Emperor Akbar’s Nine Jewels club, gave Amber Fort a major makeover on the old foundation.

This fort, mainly made of red sandstone and marble, sits pretty on a hill, giving you a killer view of Maota Lake. It’s a big deal in Jaipur, attracting loads of tourists who can’t get enough of its fancy palaces, big courtyards, and charming gardens. UNESCO even calls it one of India’s top heritage sites. So, if you’re into history and grand views, Amber Fort is the place to be!

amber fort jaipur


Amber Fort Location

Amber Fort is located in Devisinghpura which is 11 km away from Jaipur, in the capital city of Rajasthan.

Entry and Exit time of Amber Fort

The time to enter Amber Fort is from 8:00 am and the time to come out is till 7:00 pm.

Amber Fort Light and Sound Show Timings

Every evening, Amber Fort in Jaipur hosts a fifty-minute-long light and sound show. The organizers present this show daily to revive the rich history, tradition, and culture of the state.

  • Amber Fort Light and Sound Show Fee – Rs 295
  • Amber Fort Light and Sound Duration – 52 minutes

Amber Fort Entry Fees

The entry fee to Amar’s Fort is ₹10 for Indian children and ₹50 for adults, the entry fee for foreign children is ₹100, and for adults, it is ₹550.

Best Time to Visit Amber Fort

As you all know winter starts from October to March and this is the best time to enjoy holidays in Jaipur city. The days are very pleasant in these months. If you travel during these months, do not forget to carry woollen clothes with you. Summer here lasts from April to June and the weather during this period is very hot and dry. At this time the temperature of Jaipur ranges between 44 ° C – 45 ° C and hot winds also blow. Monsoon months are from July to September but Jaipur receives moderate to less rainfall.

Stunning Places to Visit in Amber Fort

Amber Fort and nearby lake

  • Situated amidst the Aravalli hills and overlooking the Maota Lake, Amber Fort offers a beautiful view. Due to its design, it helped in keeping the Amber Fort safe from attackers.

Aerial view of Amber Fort

  • To see the fort situated on the hill of Aravalli range, visitors have to make some effort as they have to walk up the hill or use an elephant ride. However, one can also reach this fort by hiring a jeep.

Ganesh Pol in Amber Fort

  • Ganesh Pol, also known as Ganesh Gate, attracts everyone’s attention with its intricate mosaic and enamel work. Ganesh Pol, located in the third courtyard, leads to the private quarters of the royal family.

Amber Fort Diwan i Khaas

  • A symbol of royalty, the Diwan-i-Khaas is also called the Hall of Private Audience. This place was occupied by the royal members to hold meetings and gatherings.

Aram Bagh in the Amber Fort

  • This garden, separating the two structures of the third courtyard – the Jai Mandir and the Sukh Niwas – has been built following the pattern of the Mughal Garden. The garden has a star-shaped pool at the centre.

Sheesh Mahal or Mirror Palace in Amber Fort

  • Maharaja Man Singh constructed Sheesh Mahal in 1592 along the Jaipur-Delhi Highway. Amber Fort, of which Sheesh Mahal is one of the most prominent attractions, features a hall adorned with mirrors. The construction of this hall maximizes the penetration of light, filling the entire space with just a few rays. Legend has it that even the light of a single candle can illuminate the entire hall. Additionally, the Bollywood film Mughal-e-Azam was filmed at this historic location.